Tj's Towing
Case Study

From a call a week,
to 100 calls a month.
Case Study

Overview of The Client

TJ's Heavy Duty Towing and recovery came to us near the end of 2019 in need of revamping their website, along with providing them with Google AdWords advertising to increase their inbound towing calls.

When they first approached us, they were averaging just over 5 calls a month, and a handful of towing jobs a month. Fast forward to 2021, and they now have been averaging over 100 calls a month from AdWords alone. This has effectively doubled their business growth and revenue enabling them to expand their fleet and budget on advertising.

Just checkout how we were able to bring their cost per lead down from $120 to under $6. The table below lists the cost of running the campaigns, the amount of phone calls we collected, as well as the amount of conversions (website submissions) received from our campaigns.

Last 18 Months AdWords Account Performance

Blue - Cost
Our client wanted to keep their budget moderately low at $1,000 a month, or $30 a day. This enabled them to have their ads displayed throughout all hours of the day, but also enabled them to take a low risk approach to make an ROI on our AdWords campaign sooner than later.

Red - Towing Call Leads
January 2020: 2 phones calls
August 2021: 105 phone calls

Yellow - Website Leads
January 2020: 1 website lead
August 2021: 34 website leads

Green - Cost / Conversion
January 2020: $160.25 per lead
August 2021: $3.88 per lead

How Did We Achieve
Success For Our Client?

Curating The
Best Ad Copy

For each client, we do a thorough analysis of what their competitors have to offer, along with fully understanding our clients UVP (unique value proposition).

In doing so, we creatively craft ad copy that outpeforms engagement and click through rate of our clients competitors.

Capitalizing On The Best
Towing Keywords

There are an infinite amount of keywords you can bid on. Some are expensive and valuble, whlie others are cheap and irrelevant to producing a call.

We carefully monitor to look out for 'low hanging fruit' opportunities which offers a balance between cost and quality to ensure we are not wasting budget, nor attracting unqualified leads.

Optimizing Bids To Bring Lead Cost Down

AdWords is a non-stop bidding war and marketplace. Our team and strategy ensures that we outbid your competitors on high quality search terms, while also monitoring our bids to ensure we do not overpay for particular clicks to the website or phone calls.

Tracking Conversions Throughout All Level of The Ad Account

Every client we work with, we ensure that proper tracking pixels are setup to monitor right to the exact keyword and ad our conversions came from.

This enables pure transparency between us and our clients to show where our leads are sourced from, so we can consistently improve lead quality by communicating with our client.

Regularly Communicating With Our Client On
Lead Quality

Our clients needs are our priority. Which is why we take pride in our communication structure to keep our clients in the loop with new campaigns launching, monthly reports, and potential barriers faced with our campaigns, as well as successes for us to scale coming into future months.

Scaling Campaigns, Keywords, and Ads that produced an ROI.

Once our clients see success and a return on their investment, it is completely up to their discretion on whether they want to increase their ad budget or not. Some like the low-cost consistent inbound lead approach, while others like to aggressively grow their ad budgets as results come in.

Thankfully, we do not charge a premium on increasing budgets, meaning your cost within running a campaign with AMG is a flat cost from the day you join our team.

How Can You Get These Results Too?

As we approach the 2021/2022 winter season, towing needs are at all-time highs with winter conditions arising. If you are currently struggling to get towing calls and leads, or you simply haven't ran AdWords before and you want a proven advertising agency to handle this service for you, then you are in luck!

Space is limited, as we are only taking one towing client per geographic location (city, province, or state). This is to ensure we strive for quality over quantity with our clients. We do not want to have two clients within the same location competing against one another. We believe it is our social responsibility to ensure our clients get the best success, which is why we offer our services exclusively to one business.

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