Our history, brand values, and team.

We Are Data Driven

Marketing isn’t a one strategy game. For every business and industry we work in, the decisions we base optimization from come from the data we curate. The more data and deeper the data, the better decisions we can make on behalf of our clients to reach the target KPI’s in the campaigns they strive for. Our data is your data, and with making better, more informed decisions, we can reach solutions for you quicker.

We Provide Results

Without results, marketers face short lifespan with their clients. At AMG we pride ourselves in the results we have been able to achieve for our clients, along with the optimization improvements we have seen to reach out campaign goals and often surpass them. Our monthly reporting allows you the peace of mind and transparency of our work.

We Focus On You

At AMG, we provide solutions to your problems. Our strategy revolves around making you happy, by achieving your online goals. Everyday we strive to bring better results, even if we are already profitable. Even when your solutions are provided, month over month we provide you with strategies that we are executing on to achieve greater results from our efforts.

Why Choose Aeonian Media Group?

Aeonian Media Group is Edmonton's leading web development and  full service marketing agency. We take pride in providing our clients with solutions to their biggest pain points. Whether you're having trouble generating new clients, your website isn't converting, or you have no clue how to market your company in the digital world, we got you covered. 

Edmonton has a unique business landscape as there are many different industries that drive this city. No matter what niche your business is in, there is always a way to generate more leads and clients. Aeonian Media Group has worked with a wide variety of companies ranging from towing companies, local gyms, E-Commerce clients, mechanical, home builders, asbestos removal, equipment rentals, financial clients and more. 

Our two founders Josh & Darcy were born and raised in Edmonton and they have always had a passion for growing local businesses. We have 13 years in combined experience in the digital marketing world and have generated over $5,000,000 in revenue for our clients. This is done using our paid advertising funnels that are solely ROI focused.

A Note From Our CEO.

The ability to scale and obtain success in the digital marketing world is through the prioritzation of data analysis. Data is the driver of all wise business decisions. We at AMG have prided ourselves in our ability to split test, curate data, and make stronger optimization steps for our clients. Marketing is an ever-changing industry. What worked last year may not work this year in certain niches. It is imperative for marketers to focus on finding what marketing verticals work for their business, scale what works, and to optimize what doesn't.

Josh Mudryk

CEO Founder of AMG Solutions
Josh Mudryk

Our Top Achievements


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Our Team

Combined Digital Experience Of Over 15 Years

Josh Mudryk

CEO / Founder

Josh always accelerated in math and with that, embraces data driven marketing. Stats don't lie, which is why our marketing focuses on the essential KPI's your business needs to reach your goals.

Darcy Zaharichuk

CFO / Co-Founder

With his background in finance, Darcy found a passion in generating his clients new business through creative paid advertising strategies. Our main priority is helping our clients grow their business and reach their goals.

Erin Stuebing

Copywriter & Content Strategist

Erin graduated with her BBA focusing on business development and marketing for organizations. She now fulfills all current coprwrighting work for clients, as well as our content here at AMG.


Web Developer

With over 15 years in web development and design, Anurag's extensive web knowledge allows us to achieve nearly any clients dream for their web project. Anurag primarily handles our client's AMP and SEO services.


Advertising Strategist

Mukesh is a Google AdWords and digital ad wizard. his knowledge and attention to details have helped many of our clients get the best bang for their digital advertising bucks. His focus is quality over quantity, as cheap traffic and leads are good, but only if they are converting. His ability to audit and optimize current advertising campaigns has lead him to scaling client advertising budgets with a proven track record on ROAS. In his free time, Mukesh loves to hike and enjoys relaxing while listening to music.


Graphic Design

Bryan has a passion for design, which is why he has been such a vital asset to AMG as every piece of content he creates has a purpose and creative touch. He takes an 'outside of the box' approach to all content, whether it is for brand design, social media content, motion graphics, or video animations. When we need content created around a topic or advertising campaign, Bryan is our guy to get our job done above client expectations.


Lead Generation Strategist

Saad, has a proactive style of management with finely-boned interpersonal and time management skills to successfully manage a team and increase profitability in achieving corporate goals and objectives for both our agency and our clients. Saad hosts exceptional leadership abilities concerning team initiatives and strong business acumen with the ability to improve customer retention levels within highly competitive markets.

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